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QLIF News Brief · July 2006

Announcement of the third QLIF workshop for junior researchers

Measuring food quality: concepts, methods and challenges

12-14 February 2007, Driebergen, the Netherlands

Participants will be PhD students, junior scientists, or post-doctoral researchers. There is a maximum of 40 participants. A further introduction to the workshop can be found in the attached announcement.

During the workshop participants are given the opportunity to briefly present their own research work. Participants are kindly requested to inform us if they want to make use of this opportunity.

The Louis Bolk Instituut is a research institute for organic agriculture, nutrition and health. Knowledge and skills gained and developed in 30 years of research in organic agriculture and research in the field of food quality will be brought into the workshop.

The programme focuses on both lectures and skill training. To the workshop team belong researchers from the Louis Bolk Instituut, researchers from other QLIF partners and relevant research institutes working in the field of (organic) food quality.

We kindly request you to have a look around for colleagues who might be interested in participating. Feel free to send this announcement forward to colleagues and to related organisations.

Further information can be found at the workshop homepage.

Looking forward to your response,

Kind regards,

Lucy P.L. van de Vijver, PhD

Programme Leader Food Quality and Health

Louis Bolk Instituut, the Netherlands

Tel. +31 343 523860