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QLIF News Brief · October 2007

Programme and details available on the 4th QLIF Training and Exchange workshop on soil nitrogen

The programme and details are now available on the fourth seminar for students and junior researchers within the EU integrated project "Quality Low Input Food". The topic is Soil nitrogen: research and extension

The seminar will take place 13 - 15 February 2008 at the Louis Bolk Instituut, Driebergen, the Netherlands.

The aim of the workshop is to transfer both theoretical background knowledge and practical skills in the use of new techniques and experimental approaches. Participants will be Ph.D students and junior scientists/post-doctoral researchers. There is a maximum of 40 participants.

Please see the invitation and announcement, and have a look around you for students and junior scientists who might be interested in attaining this workshop. Feel free to send the announcement forward to colleagues and to related organisations.

Extension of deadline for the 2nd ISOFAR Scientific Conference

The fourth annual scientific congress of the QLIF project takes place during 18-20 June 2008 at the occassion of the 16th IFOAM Organic World Congress in Modena, Italy, where ISOFAR also organizes their 2nd Scientific Conference.

In addition to specific QLIF workshops, individual presentations from QLIF will enter the scientific programme of the ISOFAR Scientific Conference following the general procedure for submission of scientific papers including a peer review procedure.

Deadline for submission of these papers has now been extended to October 31st, 2007. This means that it is still possible for scientific partners to submit their contributions to the ISOFAR Scientific Conference.

See the QLIF website for further links to the IFOAM and ISOFAR conferences.