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As the results from research in QualityLowInputFood are published or disseminated in articles and reports, etc, the publications will be made available via this web site.

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Consumer expectations and attitudes (Subproject 1)

Effects of production methods (Subproject 2)

Crop production systems (Subproject 3)

Livestock production systems (Subproject 4)

Processing strategies (Subproject 5)

Transport, trading and retailing (Subproject 6)

Cost benefit analyses and socio-economic impact assessments (Subproject 7)

Further publications

More research documents on organic food and farming can be found in the open-access archive Organic Eprints. The archives contains more that 5.000 full-text papers.

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Handbook of organic food safety and quality

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The Handbook of organic food safety and quality issued in 2007 provides a comprehensive review of the latest research in the area.
Many of the authors that have contributed to the book are partners or collaborators in the QLIF project a range of chapters report results from the project. See the book outline

Leaflets for consumers, retailers and producers

Recommendations for consumers, retailers and producers on how to improve or preserve quality, safety and authenticity of organic food are offered in leaflets from the Organic HACCP project.

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