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Intellectual properties


Intellectual properties

While immediate and free access to all results and technical deliverables has been agreed for most workpackages (WP), some WP utilise Background Intellectual Property (BIP) that is proprietary to specific partners or are expected to produce Foreground Intellectual property (FIP) which need to be protected (e.g. by patent or trademarks).

The principal mechanisms agreed are as follows:

Background IP (BIP)

In conformity with the main contract the following has been agreed: BIP made available to the project by individual parties has to be declared and is made available for use in the project only. Such knowledge and pre-existing know how will be used only for the purposes for which access rights have been granted.

Foreground IP (FIP)

In conformity with the main contract the following has been agreed: The preparation of applications and maintenance of patents or other forms of intellectual property rights is responsibility of the partner or partners which have made an invention, design or other work constituting IP. Foreground IP resulting from the project has to be made available to all partners in the project under the conditions outlined in the consortium contract.

Evaluation of critical publications

Furthermore, it has been agreed that any publication of results from WP for which BIP has been declared and/or protectable FIP is expected, will be evaluated by the Dissemination and Intellectual Property Committee, which will be a subcommittee of the project board. This committee will ensure that these issues are handled professionally and efficiently to expedite and maximise the commercial exploitation.