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The international congress on Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health was held January 6 - 9 · 2005 at Newcastle, UK. The congress was a great success and it attracted more than 600 participants from all over Europe.

Contributions from the QLIF project given at the congress will be highlighted in the next newsletter.

From these pages there are still access to the congress programme etc.

International Congress on

Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health

January 6 - 9 · 2005 at Newcastle, UK

Organised by Soil Association and University of Newcastle

The congress combines the Soil Association annual conference and the 1st Stakeholder Congress of the EU-Integrated Project QualityLowInputFood.

Additional, the first day of the congress is organised by the EU-financed projects Blight-MOP and Organic HACCP, respectively. The two projects will each carry a parallel programme.

The congress is targeted at producers, processors and traders/retailers of foods from organic and “low input” production systems and other stakeholders (consumer organisations, political decision makers, NGOs, media and agricultural supply and service industries).

The main objectives of the Congress are to:

  1. Present the outputs of recently completed and ongoing research to consumers, food producers, processors and traders/retailers and other stakeholders
  2. To initiate critical discussions between researchers and stakeholder groups on a wide range of food supply chain related issues that are of concern to consumers
  3. To enable stakeholders in the food supply chains to influence the future research agenda
  4. To contribute to the development of improved quality and safety focused food production and processing standards