No. 2 May 2005

Health in focus

Organic food is good for you! This was the main message in the key presentation given by Professor Carlo Leifert at the international congress on Organic Farming, Food Quality and Human Health held in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK in January 2005.

Many of the scientific contributions given at the congress were occupied with the relationship between food quality and human health, and in his presentation Carlo Leifert reviewed the latest research on nutrient composition, mycotoxins, food pathogens and pesticides in organic and conventional food.

The more than 60 scientific presentations given at the congress, are summarized under the following subjects:

Joint organic congress

In Denmark in May 2006 - for the first time ever - virtually all EU research projects in organic food and farming will join the same congress to present their results for organic producers and processors. The joint congress in Denmark 2006 will also include the next QLIF congress.

Safety and quality

A lot of good recommendations for consumers, retailers and producers on how to improve or preserve quality, safety and authenticity of organic food are offered in the leaflets from the Organic HACCP project.

Food procesing

Sensory quality, freshness, minimum use of additives and authenticity are the most important aspects for success on the market shows the first Delphi Expert survey.

Potato late blight

Resistant varieties have clearly the greatest potential for improved control of late blight in organic potato production - as shown in the Blight MOP project.

Rodent control

Specific rodent problems rise on organic farms when livestock with outdoor access have closer contact with rodents and the use of poison does not fit with the organic principles. A recent report on organic rodent control discusses problems and different strategies.