Subproject 7

HA 1 Environmental and sustainability audits

HA 2 Cost benefit analyses and socio-economic impact assessments

HA 3 Dissemination and technology transfer

HA 4 Training of graduate and postgraduate researchers

Horizontal Activity 1

Environmental and sustainability audits

Environmental and sustainability audits will be carried out for technologies and strategies developed under subprojects 3, 4 and 5 to ensure before diffusion that they have no side-effects on the environment or the sustainability of production systems.

This will utilise data collected in WPs (e.g. nitrate leaching potential, nutrient input use efficiency, energy/fuel use; length of outside grazing periods, level of use of veterinary and crop protection inputs) and existing environmental and sustainability auditing models. Resulting data will then be included in the cost-benefit analyses under WP7.2.

A data collection protocol for use by partners responsible for specific WPs under SP 3, 4 & 5 will be developed at the start of the project

An open call will be made to identify a partner (or partners) with extensive appropriate modelling experience to carry out the Environmental and sustainability audits for this study

Graphic presentation

Participating researchers