Subproject 7

HA 1 Environmental and sustainability audits

HA 2 Cost benefit analyses and socio-economic impact assessments

HA 3 Dissemination and technology transfer

HA 4 Training of graduate and postgraduate researchers

Horizontal activity 3

Dissemination and technology transfer

The preparation of scientific publications will be organised at the subproject or workpackage level by the groups of scientists involved.

All other outreach and dissemination activities will be organised, monitored and reported through the WP7.3. In preparation of the final report on “Raising public participation and awareness” we will from the beginning charge each WP team and workpackage manager with:

  • With spreading public awareness and explore the wider societal implications of their work,
  • Carrying out specific outreach and dissemination activities and
  • With reporting results for audit

Under horizontal activity 7.3 three main activities/workpackages will be carried out:

WP7.3.1 Establishment and management of the Dissemination website

Under WP7.3.1 scientific publications and IP progress reports to the EC will be used as basis for the production of electronic leaflets targeted for different stakeholder groups (producers, processors, retailers, standard setting organisation, EU and national decision makers and consumer/consumer organisations focused sub-sections). The main tool for the dissemination of these publications is the IP-dissemination website, where all project publications will be available (through collaboration with Organic Eprints). All electronic leaflets will be available for downloading and printing by visitors to the home page. Selected reports may also be printed by the consortium and distributed to stakeholder groups. A data-bases of addresses will be established and kept up to date for this purpose.

In combination with the website, an electronic newsletter service will inform the relevant target groups on the project findings and activities. A brief annual project leaflet (electronic and printed short version) will once a year give an overall summary of project activities, as well as informing on the annual conference. The measures described above will be supported by press releases. An important task of the WP is to form a network with relevant European, national and regional, organisations within the area. The aim is to secure collaboration with important end users of the research and also to utilize existing information channels in order to disseminate project findings. The IP dissemination website will include links to these organizations, and to participating research institutes and EU-partners etc.

Furthermore the website will include descriptions of objectives and work packages, recommendation and results from the subprojects, a calendar of project events and hosting of programs for workshops & seminars, and archives for newsletter and press releases etc. The IP-subproject-specific components of the Website will also (via links) provide access to websites of other EU and national government and industry funded projects in the topic area covered by subprojects.

This work will be carried out by the established website management/technology transfer unit at DARCOF in close collaboration with the IP project manager at Newcastle University.

WP7.3.2 Organisation of IP congress and production of congress proceedings

The annual IP-congress will also be organised as part of workpackage 7.3 by the Co-ordinator and will be open to both partners in the projects and other scientists from Europe and elsewhere (at their own cost). The congress programme will include:

  • Six Plenary sessions (one for each topic area covered by IP subprojects) with oral papers focused on dissemination of results to stakeholder group. Papers will be invited from (in the following order)
  1. Scientists who are part of the IP (to provide a report on progress)
  2. Representatives from industry and other end user organisations (e.g. NGOs, consumer organisations)
  3. Scientists who work on major other national government or industry funded projects in the same topic areas in Europe (to integrate and discuss the work carried out in the IP with other projects and avoid overlap in the design of future IP-18 months implementation plans.)
  • Poster sessions in which detailed scientific papers will be presented
  • Breakout workshops with specific objectives associated with subprojects 1 to 6 of the IP.

WP7.3.3 Structuring and monitoring the outreach activities

It is the responsibility of each WP-team and WP and SP manager to ensure that appropriate WP and SP specific outreach activities (stands at agricultural and other trade shows, field and laboratory visits, open days, workshops and discussion sessions) for consumers, producers, processors and other stakeholders, schools/colleges, and the press, are organised at local and at national level.

This workpackage will:

  1. Assist and coordinate the efforts of SP-co-ordinators and WP-managers in drawing up and managing the plans for their outreach activities.
  2. Monitor the progress of the outreach activities and provide regularly updated documentation about the extent and the progress towards the targets set in each outreach plan.
  3. Evaluate outreach activities against transfer indicators .
  4. Keep under review the plans for using and disseminating knowledge

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