Subproject 7

HA 1 Environmental and sustainability audits

HA 2 Cost benefit analyses and socio-economic impact assessments

HA 3 Dissemination and technology transfer

HA 4 Training of graduate and postgraduate researchers

Horizontal activity 4

Training of graduate and postgraduate researchers

This Horizontal activity will provide training to junior researchers from all subprojects focused on technology and innovation activities (see Figure 2.7 for the interdependencies of WP7.4 with subprojects 1 to 6). The annual training workshops will also be open to junior researchers from other European institutions focusing on improving organic and low input food supply chains.

The trainings will be managed by Geert-Jan van der Burgt, Louis Bolk Instituut. The following training activities are planned under WP7.4:

Training workshops for Ph.D. students and junior scientists/post-doctoral researchers

Five annual training workshops for Ph.D. students and junior scientists/post-doctoral researchers will be developed and organised. These 2-day courses are designed to transfer both theoretical background knowledge and practical skills in the use of new techniques and experimental approaches. The following key themes will be addressed (however, changes to the topic areas may be made especially if overlap develops with other training course opportunities):

  • Relationships between soil, crop and livestock management and food quality & safety and efficiency and cost of production and processing.
  • Relationships between agricultural production methods, the wider environment and sustainability of food production
  • Effects of consumer expectations and buying pattern and supply chain related pressures on producers and their impact on food quality and safety.
  • The quality assurance measures required to guarantee food quality and safety to the consumer

The effectiveness of workshops will be assessed through participant questionnaires/tests, and procedures adjusted accordingly.

Workshops are primarily focused on young scientists working on the project or work on other projects in organisations who are partners in the project (20 participants from partner organisations are expected per workshop).In addition, the workshops will be advertised on the project website and by e-mail shots to other organisations involved in research and advice in organic and “low input” farming (using a database developed from the DARCOF and FiBL address database). Funding to provide modest bursaries for highly promising young scientists, who have insufficient funds available, are included in the integrated project budget.

Exchanges of scientists between partner laboratories

Short visits by scientists (max. 10 working days) will be organized. These visits will be specifically to train scientists in (i) specific techniques required for the IP-related tasks, which are not available in their own institutions or (ii) data analysis methods. Such visits have to be agreed by a majority of the project-board, and will provide post-visit reports.

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