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News services

From these pages it is possible to register for news services from QLIF. The services include the electronic newsletter QLIF news, which is sent out biannually in order to provide a thorough communication from the project.

When required the newsletter is supplemented with "news briefs" (email alerts) send out in order to notify about meetings and other activities of immediate interest.

The email address is kept confidential and anytime you receive a news email you can cancel your subscription. Subscription is free of charge.

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Notification on new publications

If you wish to be notified about new publications, please register yourself at the open access archive Organic Eprints.

As a registered user you can subscribe to email alerts on new papers. It is possible to design your subscription accordingly to your specific interests: research topic, project, language, etc. Subscription at Organic Eprints is also free of charge.

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